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Just Juicy specialise in interactive design and multimedia production. Our interactive skillset includes conception & planning, graphic design, interface design, website design / development, SEO (website optimisation), as well as viral and social media management. Our portfolio covers many disciplins, and we have worked with a wide range of clients - from sole traders and small start ups, to international corportions, and household brands.


Just Juicy have designed & produced websites, interactive CD ROM's, touchscreen installations, web applications, video / motion graphics / animations, viral adverts, banners & artwork [etc] for clients including: Channel 4, Google, Hewlett Packard, Volvo, Ford, Marks & Spencer, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Sony BMG, Virgin, Boomerang, BBC, MSN, Random House, UCJ, Transworld, Polydor, HBO, Mercury, Island Records, Universal, & Harper Collins amongst others.


A few of our favourite web projects are highlighted below... Click on the 'Back | Next' buttons below the small image to see more slides.


Jumeirah - Palm Tree Catapult



Jumeirah Beach Hotel in Dubai wanted a flash game to promote the Wild Wadi Waterpark on their web site. They teamed up with Virgin Atlantic to offer business class holidays and discounted entry to Wild wadi as prizes. Juha, a popular character from Arabian folklore, is their mascot, and was chosen as the character for the game, which we designed and animated. Web design Muscat / UAE.

Project Role

Concept / Design / Flash Animation

Gary Go - Decca Records

Gary Go


As new best mate of Gary Barlow, Gary go supported Take That on their tour and got himself a record deal with Decca. Garry's musical creativity is due to the dominant strength of the right hemisphere of his brain, although the more analytical left side still finds the time to chatter on Twitter.


We pitched for Garry Go's new web site and our design concept was chosen by Garry's management.

Project Role

Concept / Web Design / Website Build

virgin books

Virgin Books


Virgin books wanted to update their old web site and make it more "young and funky" to reflect the new titles available in their online store. We took a highly visual approach to the design, keeping the homepage uncluttered and simple whilst maintaining the Virgin brand. Virgin loved my storyboards and this pitch won the contract for Hyperlaunch DMG.

Project Role

Concept / Design / HTML / Animation

Ian Brown - Fiction Records

Ian Brown


We were asked to produce the official web site for Ian Brown's greatest hits album. The final concept uses key imagery from his career as a map to navigate through the site. We met Ian Brown when the site was finished and he was very enthusiastic about it. He described it as a "Class website" - a high accolade indeed.

Project Role

Concept / Design & Flash Website Build

Maresa Macbeth - De-Angelis Records

Maresa MacBesth


Maresa Macbeth is an educated lady. On her official web site you can find Maresa in her library, where you can open a book and read more about the Scottish-born harpist, pianist, singer and composer. The flash web site uses a page turning mechanic to allow you to explore Maresa's books.

Project Role

Design & Flash site build

Borders Books - Book Tower Game

Broders Books


Borders books wanted to highlight a new range of promotions in their online store. We designed a flash game where the player must remove a set number of books from a "book tower" without knocking it over. The reward is access to progressively higher value vouchers after completing each stage of the game. Books in the discounted range are also highlighted when playing the game.

Project Role

Concept & Design / Flash Animation

Luciana - Universal Records

Luciana Official


Luciana Caporaso's vocals have featured on several UK top 20 singles. In 2008 she released her first solo album "Featuring Luciana".


Our design won the pitch for the website, which we also built. Luciana's DJ hand is part of the background image for the page and can only be seen on larger screens.

Project Role

Concept / Design / Flash / Website Build

Harry Potter - Tesco Entertainment

Harry Potter - Tesco


The 5th film in the Harry Potter series "The Order of The Phoenix" was due for UK theatrical release in July 2007. Just Juicy were asked to design and build several flash widgets for Warner Bros, and a promotional web page and mailer for Tesco Entertainment.


The flash widgets were deployed on social media websites. They displayed a countdown to the release of the new film and provided clips, trailers, and desktop wallpaper downloads, as well as pushing traffic to a competition website.


The Tesco web page and mailer was used to promote a store discount on the first four films, as well as other Harry Potter merchandise available online. Tesco liked our work so much that they commissioned several similar projects, and stated the success of the Harry Potter work as the reason for the repeat business.

Project Role

Concept / Design / HTML / Flash Widgets

V For Vendetta - Warner Bros

V for Vendetta


Just Juicy were asked to design a microsite for the film "V For Vendetta" that would provide information specific to the UK release of the film, and link to the main international web site. The design is based on a "V" poster on a wall that becomes animated when you enter the site. Once inside this Flash based website you can explore V For Vendetta and be rewarded with exclusive video and audio content.

Project Role

Design / Flash & HTML Website Build

The Amityville Horror - Sony Pictures

Amityville Horror


Sony Pictures wanted an atmospheric website that could be explored as if you were within the Amityville Horror house. Stills from the movie were animated, and combined with video to create an environment that would engage the audience. The site delivers background information about the movie as well as providing a few suprises and frights.

Project Role

Concept / Web Design / Flash Site Build

W14 Music

W14 Music


Legendary music producer John Williams formed W14 as a sub label of Universal Music to showcase and nurture his best loved artists of the past 3 decades. We were briefed to reinvigorate the brand and visibility of the music label, and produce a web design with an "iconic, and classy" feel.


Just Juicy designed a simple and clean looking site that allowed the record artwork to stand out. The flash header was designed to have a CMS driven music player that can be embedded in other websites.

Project Role

Concept / Design / HTML Template

Annie - Universal Records



Norwegian electropop singer songwriter and DJ Annie signed to Island records after moving from 697 recordings. Her new label wanted a redesign of her web site for the release of her second album "Don't Stop".


Annie has a love for chewing gum and the colour pink, which heavily influenced the design.

Project Role

Concept / Design / Build

Carmen Reid - Random House books

Carmen Reid


Carmen Reid is bestselling author with over 20 novels to her name. Her publisher Random House commissioned a web site for Carmen's "Personal Shopper" books and my design was chosen.


The website design is based around a floral element found on one of her books, and has the feel of a "summer garden", which the client liked the idea of.

Project Role

Concept / Design / Website Build

Family Recordings

Family Recordings


Family Recordings is run by Simon Marks and Alex Macnutt, the duo responsible for the Ministry of Sound's chillout series. Just Juicy designed and built a new CMS driven flash website for the label to showcase their new signings and releases.

Project Role

Design / Flash Website Build

Jack Savoretti - De Angelis Records

Jack Savoretti


The artwork for Jack Savoretti's debut album "Between the Minds" was a faded sketch of the artist on an old brown envelope. Just Juicy used this as the basis for the website design, designing the other elements around this theme.


The web site was a scrolling flash page, with a page turning animation and music and video elements. A CMS back-end allowed the client to update the content easily.

Project Role

Concept / Design / Flash Site Build

Luke Toms - Island records

Luke Toms


The self styled "philanthropist, dandy, songwriter and world class moustache grower" Luke Toms lives in a small flat in central London. Despite this Luke has always dreamed of living on a country estate, possibly in pre-war times where he can entertain guests such as The Great Gatsby.


So, for the benefit of his website we designed him his own stately home. Explore the grounds of Luke Toms imaginary house, and maybe play a game of croquet before tea.

Project Role

Website Design / Flash Website Build

Andrea Ross - Universal Records

Andrea Ross


Andrea Ross was signed to the Universal Classics and Jazz label after being discovered by Andrew Lloyd Webber. Just Juicy designed her new website to reflect her almost angelic, clean cut image, and reflect the colours of the beach photo shoot that was to be used on her album artwork.


Promotional mailer and e-card templates were also produced in a complimentary design and were sent to the UCJ mailing list.

Project Role

Concept / Design / Build

Marvin The Martian - Nocarbon Records

Marvin The Martian


Marvin the Martian or "Marv" to his friends, is a lyricist and rapper from Peckham, London. Just Juicy designed his new website from a brief that specified a "distinctly urban feel".


When we built the flash based site I had originally included a flock of birds flying past the tower blocks in the distance, at random intervals. We were asked to remove them though as apparently "there aren't any birds in Peckham!" What.. not even pigeons?

Project Role

Design / Flash Site Build

The Modern - Mercury Records

The Modern


The Modern are a British Electropop band with an 80's sound. They were signed to Mercury records for the release of their first album "Modern Industry". Just Juicy designed their official website using bright flat colour for an 80's feel, and included the industrial imagery featured in their first video. The site is built as one continuous animation that a user can interact with by dragging the "ray gun" icon on the navigation bar - moving backwards and forwards through the entire site.

Project Role

Design / Flash Website / Animation




A modern day revival of Mini Pops, with an album of hit songs being sung by kids. My concept and design won the 4 way pitch on offer from Polydor Records. The main idea behind the website was the creation of a personal "Zoomie" character. Your Zoomie would sing along and dance to music with you in the "z-pod" player, and be featured in games and dowloads on the site.

Project Role

Concept / Design / Animation / Flash

Paul Weller - Universal Records

Paul Weller - Official Site


Paul Weller's record company wanted to update his website. The design concept by Just Juicy was based around a timeline of his discography. Moving through the timeline would allow a visitor to read press clippings and stories of each year of his career, see album and single releases and associated photographs of Weller from that period, listen to clips of tracks they don't own, and maybe even buy a digital download from iTunes.


Weller fans were able to log into the site and comment on each timeline entry, maybe to share how a piece of music affected their lives, relate a story from a particular gig, or just leave a message for The Modfather to read himself.

Project Role

Concept / Design / Storyboards